90s classic porn in “A la Baise ce Soir”

Name: A la Baise ce Soir

Duration: 88 min

Director: Jean-Pierre Armand

Language: French

Country: France

Year: 1994

Categories: 90s classic porn, 1994, France, French, Jean-Pierre Armand, Cindy Perez, Yves Baillat, Piotr Stanislas

Actors: Yves Baillat,Piotr Stanislas

Actress: Cindy Perez


Annette Haven : Hot old grandma porn in 1980

Annette Haven : Hot old grandma porn in 1980

Name: Wicked Sensations

Duration: 76 min

Director: Ron Chrones

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1981

Actors: John Leslie,Paul Thomas,Michael Morrison,Tom Anderson,Rick Boutry

Actress: Annette Haven,Mai Lin,Holly McCall,Cris Cassidy,Suzanne French,Holly Page,Sonya Summers,Diana Holt,Keith Farrar

Categories: Hot old grandma porn in 1980, Annette Haven, 1981, United States, English, Ron Chrones, Annette Haven, Mai Lin, Holly McCall, Cris Cassidy, Suzanne French, Holly Page, Sonya Summers, Diana Holt, Keith Farrar, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Michael Morrison, Tom Anderson, Rick Boutry, Asian

Annette Haven : Hot old grandma porn in 1980

This worthwhile porno take on Blake Edwards’ 10 is in many ways more likeable than the original film. John Leslie and Diahna Holt are great in the leads, and Annette Haven, who appeared as an extra in the original film, has never looked more beautiful than in the final sex scene between she and Leslie.