Lee Caroll fucking : “Kitten Natividad Collection”

Name: Kitten Natividad Collection

Country: United States

Year: 1993

Duration: 227 min

Language: English


Actress: Uschi Digard,Kitten Natividad,Lee Caroll,Rosemarie,Kelly Stewart,Patty Plenty,Heaven St. John

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Actors: John Holmes,Ron Jeremy,Jamie Gillis,Eric Edwards,Jerry Butler,TT Boy,Craig Roberts,David Cannon,Bobby Hollander,Derek Rice,Mike Zempter

Kitten Natividad is a household name, well, if you live in a household of tit lovers. The former Russ Meyer starlet (and girlfriend) has been showing off her bodacious tatas on screen since 1972, but it wasn’t until the 80’s that Kitten’s jugs had ballooned to watermelon proportions and she finally indulged in hardcore action. For the first time on DVD you can see Kitten from her 70’s films with John Holmes and Uschi Digard to her 80’s XXX performances with Lee Carol, Jamie Gillis, and more!


Cherry Lawson videos in “Breast Worx 30”

Name: Breast Worx 30

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 63 min

Year: 1992

Director: Bobby Hollander

Actors: Dick Nasty,Derek Rice,Harry Fonder

Actress: Kitten Natividad,Patty Plenty,Cherry Lawson

Categories: Cherry Lawson videos, 1992, United States, English, Bobby Hollander, Kitten Natividad, Patty Plenty, Cherry Lawson, Dick Nasty, Derek Rice, Harry Fonder, Facial, Latin

This is it! The definitive Breast-Collectors-Must-Have volume of Bobby Hollander’s Breastworx. Scene 1 of this tape has everything any breast fanatic will ever need…In one scene! Featuring the gravity-defying talents of Miss Kitten Natividad, Patty Plenty and Derek Rice the human python! Nuff Said! Not that it matters a great deal, after the first scene, but scene two features the bodacious Cherry Lawson as she shows newcummer Mark Fonder the only way to enjoy her sweet and juicy pie. It’s not Mark’s thumb that does the stickin’ in! And finally, Dick learns to handle a beautiful blonde, masked cat burglaress that he catches riffling through his drawers. His name is Nasty, after all, and his favorite female attribute is feline! MEOW!!!