Taija Rae Biography

Taija Rae BiographyTaija Rae: AKA (Sizzling Hot, Taija Ray, Taja Ray, Taja Rea, Tajae Ray, Tajia Rae, Tasia Rae )
Birthday: January 29, 1962
Astrology: Aquarius
Birthplace: PA ,
Years Active: 1980- 2008
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 38-24-37
Height: 165
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: No
Piercing: n/a
Frequent partners: Hershel Savage, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera, Nina Hartley, Tom Byron

Website: n/a
Taija Rae Biography


Porn Star Taija Rae was an erotic actress who truly could pass as the girl next door. That’s because she had anything but typical porn starlet looks. Taija Rae had a fuller, rounder figure than most of her 80’s contemporaries, with wide hips and huge natural breasts. With a face that radiated sweetness and wholesome good humor, she came across more like a kindly elementary school teacher than the lusty porn veteran that she was .Taija Rae broke into the business in 1984, scorching her way through a host of supporting roles in flicks like ’69th Street Vice’ and ‘Wish You Were Here.’ Soon, her natural appeal began to catch on, and she started landing bigger and better roles with each new outing. By the late 80’s Taija Rae was a sexual star in her own right, cranking out sizzling work in star vehicles like ‘Taija Rae’s Satin Seduction’ and ‘Good Morning Taija Rae.’Taija Rae’s appeal could be traced to her uninhibited way with a sex scene. Once Taija Rae got going, she exuded intense erotic heat and displayed a tirelessness and enthusiasm that belied her outward appearance. Her innocent demeanor turned into a lusty ardor when paired with men or women, and it’s just this unexpected wholesomeness that made her down-and-dirty sexual antics all the more exciting to watch. Quite a competent actress, as well, Taija Rae made a habit of playing against type and taking on bitchy roles. She really seemed to savor her chances to play the bad girl when she got them. Taija Rae is still a favorite of fans who like someone who seems a little more attainable than the more traditionally haughty gorgeous starlets, fans who appreciate someone a little more real and natural!Porn Star Taija Rae retired from the industry in 1993. Taija’s 1993 movies include; Black Bite, Swedish Erotica Hard 21, Swedish Erotica Hard 28, Supershots 12, Splatterhouse 2 and Splatterhouse 9.

Movie Title Studio Notes Year
Taija Rae Triple Feature      
Movie Title Studio Notes Year
69th Street Vice VCA   1985
Amber Pays The Rent     1986
American Babylon (new)     1990
Asses To Asses Lust To Lust KBeech   1988
Baby Face 2 VCA   1986
Babylon USA Paradise Visuals   1987
Backdoor Lust Caballero Classics   1988
Bad Sex      
Best Little Whorehouse In San Francisco KBeech   1985
Best of Talk Dirty 1     1992
Best of Tracey Adams Excalibur Films   1990
Best Of VCX Classics # 2      
Blacks And Blondes 40     1986
Bootsie Coast To Coast   1985
Breakin In Western Visuals   1986
Campus Cuties Caballero Classics   1985
Candy Stripers 2 Arrow   1985
Careena Collins T      
Celebration     1984
Chastity and the Starlets     1986
Cherry Tricks Visual Persuasion   1985
Christine’s Legend     1984
Classic Passion – 4 Pack      
Climax Caballero Classics   1986
Club Exotica 1     1986
Club Exotica 2 Western Visuals IR 1986
Dangerous Stuff     1985
Decadence Caballero Classics Clip 1988
Der Gier Schutzlos Ausgeliefert Ribu Film   1985
Desperate Women Caballero Classics   1985
Diamond Collection Double X 14     1988
Dildo Babes 2     1988
Dirty Blondes 1     1987
Doctor Penetration Xplicit   1986
Doin’ The Harlem Shuffle Caballero Classics IR 1986
Double Trouble     1985
DreamGirls VCA Facial 1986
Driller VCA Facial 1984
Eaten Alive     1985
Erotic Explosions 21     1991
Erotic Zones The Movie Caballero Classics   1985
Ex Connection     1986
Exposure Caballero Classics   1988
Fashion Dolls KBeech   1986
Fashion Fantasies VCA   1985
Fashion Passion Caballero Classics Facial, IR 1985
Finger Friggin’     1986
Fire Inside     1988
Flesh and Fantasy   Facial 1985
Flesh in Ecstasy 14: Candy Evans     1988
Flesh in Ecstasy 15: Bunnie Bleu     1988
Freeze Frame      
Furburgers Caballero Classics   1987
Girls In Chains      
Girls That Talk Dirty     1986
Girls Who Dig Girls 3     1987
Girls Who Dig Girls 4     1987
Girls Who Dig Girls 7     1989
Girls Who Love Girls 2 Vidco Entertainment   1988
Girls who Love Girls 4 Vidco Entertainment   1989
Girls Who Love Girls 8     1989
Give It to Me     1984
Golden Age Of Porn: Kristara Barrington      
Good Girl Bad Girl Caballero Classics   1984
Good Morning Taija Rae     1988
Greatest American Blonde     1988
Hard On Girls      
Heimliche Geliebte Caballero Classics   1986
Hometown Honeys 1   Facial 1986
Hostage Girls VCA   1984
Hot Box Invasion   IR 1987
Hot Rockers     1985
Hottest Parties     1988
Immorals 4     1990
In And Out With John Leslie     1988
Inheritance     1987
Inner Blues Caballero Classics Facial 1987
Jack And Jill 2 VCA Facial 1984
Jailhouse Girls VCA   1984
Jewels of the Night Western Visuals   1987
La Sex De Femme 3 Zane Entertainment Group   1989
Le Sex De Femme 3 Zane Entertainment Group   1989
Lez Be Friends     1988
Littledove’s Cup     1988
Lonesome Ladies 2     1985
Long Hard Nights     1984
Looking For Mr. Goodsex Coast To Coast IR 1985
Make Me Feel It     1985
Mardi Gras Passions     1987
Mitzi’s Honor     1986
Monkey Business     1987
Moonlusting   Swallow 1987
Motel Sweets Caballero Classics   1987
Naked Scents VCA   1985
Naughty Nora     1985
Nena 5 – Das geile Biest von nebenan Ribu Film    
Nena, Das geile Biest von nebenan Ribu Film    
Night Nurse     1985
Nina is Taboo      
Only The Best Of Oral Metro   1988
Only the Best of the 80’s     1992
Opening Night Gourmet   1984
Oral Ecstasy 1     1988
Oral Ecstasy 4     1988
Oral Majority 3     1987
Paris Blues     1990
Pin-up     1991
Play Me Again Vanessa VCA IR 1986
Raw Talent VCA   1984
Return to Alpha Blue     1984
Rock Hard   Facial 1985
Samantha I Love You     1988
Satin Angels Western Visuals   1987
Satin Seduction     1986
Scandals: Crystal Breeze     1987
Scandals: Tajia Rae     1986
Sex 2084 Essex Video   1985
Sex Game     1986
Sex on the Set     1984
Sex Spa USA     1984
Sexpatriot     1988
Sexrageous Caballero Classics Clip 1980
Sexually Altered States VCA   1985
Shades Of Passion     1986
Shanna Mc Cullough Non Stop Caballero Classics   1989
She’s So Fine     1985
Shes So Fine VCA   1985
Sizzling Hot     1987
Sleazy Rider     1988
Smooth As Silk Vantage   1987
Splash     1990
Splashing Video Classics   1986
Spoiled Caballero Classics Facial 1987
Star Angel   Facial 1986
Star Cuts 69: Taija Rae   Facial 1987
Street Girls     1988
Strokin To The Oldies: Ginger Lynn      
Strokin’ To The Oldies: Vanessa Del Rio      
Supergirls Do General Hospital     1984
Supergirls Do The Navy     1984
Superstars of Porn 1     1985
Susie Nero Triple Feature # 2      
Swedish Erotica 13 Caballero Classics   1981
Swedish Erotica 69     1985
Swedish Erotica 70     1986
Swedish Erotica Hard 21     1993
Swedish Erotica Hard 28     1993
Swedish Erotica Vol.84 Caballero Classics    
Sweet Starlets 1     1986
Taija   Facial,IR 1987
Taija Rae Collection House of Gord    
Taija Rae Screws The Stars      
Taija Rae Triple Feature      
Taija Rae Triple Feature      
Taija Rae Triple Feature – 3 Pack      
Taija’s Tasty Treats Pleasure Productions Facial 1988
Taija’s Tasty Treats Pleasure Productions   1988
Tales of Taija Rae Dreamland Entertainment   1989
Talk Dirty to Me 4 Dreamland Entertainment   1985
Taste Of Taija Excalibur Films   1990
Taste of Taija Rae   Facial,IR 1990
Taste of the Best 2   IR 1987
The Backdoor Club Caballero Classics   1985
The Big Gulp 2 Classic X Collection   1987
The Ex Connection Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions   1986
The Ultimate Thrill Caballero Classics   1986
This is Your Sex Life Caballero Classics   1988
Tickled Pink     1985
Tom Byron Screws The Stars Caballero Classics    
Toy Box Lingerie Show     1991
Toys 4 Us 3     1990
Toys for Twats     1990
Traci’s Fantasies     1986
Tracy in Heaven (new)     1987
Triple Dare   Facial 1988
Triple Header     1986
Turn on with Kelly Nichols     1984
Twins Western Visuals   1986
Ultimate Thrill     1986
Untamed   Facial 1986
Unveiled VCA IR 1986
Urban Heat Femme Productions   1984
Voyeur VCA   1984
Wet Dreams     1985
Wicked Women Gourmet   1989
Wild Women 1: Taija Rae     1987
Wild Women 41: Samantha Strong     1989
Winner Takes All MAD Media Swallow 1986
Wish You Were Here     1985
World Of Good Safe And Unusual Sex     1987
WPINK TV 3   Facial,IR 1987
Young Nympho Vidco Entertainment   1986